Other books to mention

Here are some FICTION books that I have recently read.           non-fiction

Aaron Elkins Unnatural Selection mystery
Anderson, Howard L. Albert of Adelaide Wonderful story of a Platypus’ journey!
Audeguy, Stephane The Theory of Clouds Strange story, yet parts are quite captivating.
Auel, Jean M The Mammoth Hunters fiction; good read
Auel, Jean M The Valley of Horses fiction; good read
Babbitt, Natalie Tuck Everlasting fiction
Bach, Richard A Gift of Wings short stories
Baldacci, David Deliver us from Evil fiction – suspense
Bedford, Martyn Flip novel
Beth Hoffman Saving CeeCee Honeycut great young-person’s novel
Box, C. J. Nowhere to Run fiction, good suspense
Carlson, Richard Don’t Worry, Make Money self-help book
Castaneda, Carlos A Separate Reality fiction/philosophical
Castaneda, Carlos Tales of Power fiction/philosophical
Castaneda, Carlos The Eagle’s Gift fiction/philosophical
Castaneda, Carlos The Teachings of Don Juan fiction/philosophical
Clow, Barbara Hand The Pleiadian Agenda esoteric; some parts interesting
Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist fun, inspirational novel
Conroy, Pat South of Broad fiction; very interesting, captivating book. recommended!
Daniel Wallace Big Fish short stories
De Vries, Hilary So 5 Minutes Ago fiction – fun read
Delinsky, Barbara Together Alone fiction, romantic, good read
Douglas, William O Of Men and Mountains documentary; wilderness; philosophic
Elmer Kelton Badger Boy novel. A good read.
Fletcher, Colin The Man Who Walked Through Time documentary; wilderness; philosophic
Grace Thompson The Tangled Web novel & love story
Grisham, John A Painted House fiction; interesting story
Hamilton, Jane A Map of the World fiction; captivating and interesting; a bit sad. recommended!
Hemingway, Ernest Across the River and into the Trees fiction novel
Hillerman, Tony The Wailing Wind fiction
Hoffman, Alice The Dovekeepers novel
Hornby, Nick High Fidelity fiction novel
Howatch, Susan Call in the Night fiction
Koontz, Dean The Good Guy fiction, good suspense
Kroeber, Theodora Ishi Last of his Tribe based on truth; excellent book. recommended!
Le Carre, John A Perfect Spy fiction novel
Leapold, Aldo A Sand County Almanac documentary; wilderness; philosophic
Lightman, Alan Einstein’s Dreams fiction; interesting, unique story
Maran, Meredith A Theory of Small Earthquakes novel – recommended!
Mason, Daniel A Far Country novel about poverty – recommended!
Meissner, Susan A Sound Among the Trees novel – recommended!
Mendelsohn, Jane Innocence novel
Michael Kardos The Three-Day Affair novel
Michael Knight They Typist novel
Michael, Allen The Everlasting Gospel philosophic/esoteric
Michener, James A Texas fiction and historical
Montgomery, Jean The Wrath of Coyote based on truth; excellent book. recommended!
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Cross Their Graves fiction; cute story
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Striking Back fiction – fun
Neihardt, John G Black Elk Speaks narrative, based on truth
Nick Trout The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs funny novel – recommended!
O’Mara, Lesley (Editor) Great Cat Tales fiction – fun
Palmer, Adam The Moses Legacy fiction
Parker, Robert B Edenville Owls fiction
Parker, Robert B Pale Kings and Princes fiction
Patterson, James Beach Road fiction
Patterson, Kevin Consumption novel. Tough times in the Arctic!
Pirsig, Robert Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance philosophical novel
Portis, Charles Masters of Atlantis funny novel – recommended!
Rachael King The Sound of Butterflies novel. A good read.
Reisner, Mark A Dangerous Place, California’s Unsettling Fate historical
Revoyr, Nina The Age of Dreaming novel – recommended!
Roberts, Nora Cordina’s Royal Family fiction, romantic
Ruiz, Don Miguel The Voice of Knowledge self-help/philosophical
Schwartz, Leslie Angels Crest novel
Scofield, Sandra More than Allies novel
Sedaris, David Squirrel seeks Chipmonk fiction; strange humor
Stephenson, Neal Quicksilver fiction; may be based on historical truths
Strayed, Cheryl Wild fiction; based on truth; good read
Tademy, Lalita Cane River biographical. Excellent book.
Thomas, Rosie Moon Island fiction novel
Thoreau, Henry David Selected Journals of Henry David Thoreau essays and philosophy from the mid 1800’s
Tracie Peterson Chasing the Sun novel; good story.
Ursu, Anne The Disapparation of James kind of interesting.
Vann, David Goat Mountain gruesome story!
Woiwode, Larry Indian Affairs novel
Wright, Michelle Curry Wait and See, Annie Lee Romance novel