Books about hypnotherapy and health

The following are some NON-FICTION books I have recently read.           fiction

(AA World Services) Alcoholics Anonymous – Big Book true stories/self-help
Andreas & Faulkner NLP The New Technology of Achievement self help/psycology
Babbitt, Elwood Perfect Health – Accept No Substitutes healing; channeling (esoteric); interesting
Barnett, Edgar A. Analytical Hypnotherapy – Principles and Practice non-fiction; interesting methods
Boyne, Gil Transforming Therapy non-fiction; interesting methods
Buckley, Heather Spirit Communication for the Millions inspiring channeling book
Cain, Susan Quiet analysis of introversion
Campbell, T. Coliln The China Study diet; scientific studies on health
Concept: Synergy Publishing Lazaris Interviews Book I channeling book
Denning & Phillips The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection kind of a self-help book
Dyer, Wayne The Power of Intention self-help
Elman, Dave Hypnotherapy outstanding book about hypnosis methods. recommended!
Erdoes, Richard, and John Lame Deer Lame Deer Seeker of Visions Stories from Native American medicine man
Erickson, Milton The Nature of Hypnosis and Suggestion fascinating, unique methods for hypotherapy. Recommended!
Fanning, Patrick Self-Esteem kind of a self-help book; refers to hypnosis
Frager, Robert, and Fadiman, James Personality and Personal Growth psychology textbook
Fukuoka, Masanobu The Natural Way of Farming non-fiction; philosophic
Hammond, Sally We Are All Healers research of healing methods
Heyerdahl, Thor Aku-Aku – the Secret of Easter Island anthropological study
Kai, Irene Golden Mountain – Beyond the American Dream inspiring biographies – recommended!
Kroeger, Otto, and Thuesen, Janet Type Talk at Work discusses a theory of 16 personality types
LaBerge, Stephen PhD Lucid Dreaming scientific studies
Lawrence, Jodi Alpha Brain Waves non-fiction; refers and relates to hypnotherapy
LeCron, Leslie Self Hypnotism guide for basic hypnosis methods
McDougall, John MD The Starch Solution scientific; profound dietary information
Millman, Dan The Journeys of Socrates fiction/party true? Excellent reading/suspense. recommended!
Mipham, Sakyong Running with the Mind of Meditation philosophic
Monroe, Robert A. Far Journeys paranormal stories
Monroe, Robert A. Journys out of the Body esoteric; interesting
Montgomery, Ruth Here and Hereafter esoteric; some references to hypnosis
Montgomery, Ruth Threshold to Tomorrow esoteric; some refrences to hypnosis
Moss, Richard MD The I That Is We scientific studies
Muldoon & Carrington Astral Projection non-fiction; mystical; very interesting information. recommended!
Paine, Wingate The Book of Surrender self-help
Pollan, Michael The Omnivore’s Dilemma good dietary information
Publishers, Inc. Ramtha Voyage to the New World channeling book
Randle, Kevin, & Schmitt, Donald UFO Crash at Roswell paranormal stories
Renard, Gary The Disappearance of the Universe channeling book
Restak, Richard M. MD The Brain – The Last Frontier scientific studies
Ruiz, Miguel The Voice of Knowledge motivational
Schlosser, Eric Fast Food Nation non-fiction; informative; really good book
Siegel, Daniel J. The Mindful Brain scientific studies
Simmerman, Tim Medical Hypnotherapy guide for basic hypnosis methods
St. Clair, David How Your Psychic Powers Can Make you Rich self-help
Stearn Jess The Power of Alpha Thinking self-help/philosophical
Steiger, Brad & Francie The Star People channeling book